hi, I'm Vi!
sometimes I draw while avoiding work.

my doodle blog !

who is this:
taiwanese, '94, forever procrastinating
MIT bioengineer

also 'vanillameringue' on tumblr! (main)

water droplet crown.

flowers and shadows.

yells HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY ELIENNN!!  I constantly admire your color palettes and dynamic poses AND PLUS you’re the loveliest person ever have a lovely day today!!!! this is awfully messy i’m sorry

amorphous mochi creatures

for a friend: a dress spun from sunset.

✿ serena & 7; for the sweet yun

struggles with limited color palettes forever I should be working

crow kids.

not used to using darker shades what is coloring


a quick break in the midst of studying for finals!! one more week to go rolls up sleeves

child of light.

forever coloring messily

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