hi, I'm Vi!
sometimes I doodle to avoid work.

my doodle blog ; where I just post art sometimes oho

who is this:
taiwanese, '94, forever procrastinating
MIT bioengineer that doodles occasionally

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 avelin for ✿ | commission.

super busy with work everyday!! rolls away into the horizon_(┐「ε:)_
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adorned with a shroud spun from snow.

stress relief doodling! it’s been snowing quite a lot these days. _ノ乙(、ン、)_ 
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boring doodle; taking a break from finals studying _ノ乙(、ン、)_  (inspired by a photograph of a crystal ;just had to try out the palette!) rolls away to study more (also to everyone taking finals- good luck!)
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a halo made of donuts.

this week was extremely exhausting!! lies down _(:3 」∠ )_ I’m forgetting how to draw sorry guys
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beyond the boundary.

a quick doodle for fun! unfortunately the time I spend drawing per week is directly related to the amount of work I have i’m so sorry this is so gross
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fall | a time for freshly brewed tea and fluffy scarves.

stress relief doodling _(:3 」∠ )_ boring faceshot lies in a pool of my own tears i should be doing my linear algebra homework
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happy belated birthday yoon!!! I’m super glad I got to know you!! you’re such a sweetheart and aaa your art gives me all the feels hrghhhh//// here’s a drawing of your character from your july piece! sorry…it’s…a…faceshot…I am…. so sorry _ノ乙(、ン、)_